Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Al-D, Day Old Records, Truth Clipsy, Starlito, Wick-It, Wally Clark]


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Hey Party & Bullshitters, what goes on? Did I mention that I moved to Boston? I did. But don't fret, I'll be rocking the P&B until we find a replacement, so you can count on the local rap hookup even if I'm not exactly local at the moment. And my replacement will be the dopest rap critic that Nashville has ever seen. (I hope, anyway. Aim high! Like the Navy and shit!) But while the Cream crew figures all that jibber jabber out, let's talk rap. First up is Al-D, who is releasing his new mixtape Free Delivery tonight over a the Boheme Collectif (La Boheme? I have enough trouble with English — that French shit's confusing.) It figures that I've been waiting for this new Al-D record for years and he drops it the week after leave town. C'est la vie! (Maybe I do get that French shit?) Another collab with The Boom Bap's DJ Rate, Free Delivery is pure true-school heat — the sort that cranky old rap dudes like me dream about at night. Here's the intro, if you'd like a taste:

And here's my colleague Stephen "Goose" Trageser's endorsement from this week's dead-tree edition of the Scene, if you need some more encouragement to get the hell out of the house this weekend:

Old-school lyricism in hip-hop never completely died out, but it’s certainly making a strong showing in the mainstream right now: Just last month, renowned wordsmith Jay-Z convinced Samsung, one of the world’s biggest corporations, to buy the first million downloads of Magna Carta Holy Grail. Nashville MC AL-D may not have that level of play with multinational conglomerates, but those who prefer cool and skillful flow over crunk hedonism will want to get their hands on his new full-length Free Delivery. Alongside his own ingenious verses, guests include local luminaries like Amerigo Gazaway and Gummy Soul’s Kurtis Stanley. Rhyme-master D doesn’t sleep on the production, either, turning again to The Boom Bap’s DJ Rate for primo vintage soul- and funk-infused beats; there’s even a collaboration with the funk brothers over at G.E.D. Soul records. The release party features the equally eloquent Jason da Hater from Memphis and E.T. from Louisville, and the $5 cover charge includes a download of the album. —STEPHEN TRAGESER

Now let's speed-round the rest of this P&B, because a lot of dope shit dropped while I was hauling ass across the country ...

* Boom! New video mixtape from the folks at Day Old Records. Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it.

* The people want truth, the people need truth. But I'll settle for Truth Clipsy, because this kid's always rolling fresh with the deep funk.

* New 'Lito! Do I really need to explain why you need this?

* Wick-It and Fyutch fuckin' with JC? This shit makes me miss Nashville so hard, and I've only been gone for like a minute-and-a-half.

* Gummy Soul's Wally Clark is gunning for your girl's drawers. You better get there before he does.

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