Man Weirder Than John Rich Arrested for Stalking John Rich



This post originally appeared on Pith in the Wind.

A man named Mark Christopher Sevier has been arrested and charged with stalking country music singer John Rich. It seems Sevier sent Rich "numerous" emails, including one featuring Sevier dressed in a flag and seemingly covered in blood.


From the Associated Press:

Rich told police he was worried for the safety of his wife and children. One of the emails mentions his children.

Although an arrest warrant was issued in April, Sevier was not arrested until Sunday, according to jail records. He was released on bond the same day. Sevier could not immediately be reached for comment on Tuesday.

The photo of Sevier in question is apparently a promotional photo for his music career — his band is known as Ghost Wars (formerly American Propaganda). See Ghost Wars' video for the song "Paranoid," in which Sevier is wearing a shirt that reads "Psych Ward," after the jump.

Sevier is also the source of an interesting lawsuit asking a federal court to force Apple Computers to sell all products in "safe mode" in order to limit exposure to Internet pornography.

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