Caption Contest: Ice Cube Ticket Giveaway! [Updated]



He immediately regretted ordering the LARGE bisque...
  • He immediately regretted ordering the LARGE bisque...

Yesterday, the folks at Marathon Music Works reached out and offered us a pair of Ice Cube tickets to give away to one lucky Cream reader. So I guess yesterday ... wait for it ... was a good day. Anyway, as we told you last month, the onetime NWA member and mainstream film star will be performing at Marathon on June 29, and local MC Chancellor Warhol will appear in support. Tickets are indeed still available at this link, but let's do the freebie thing.

You know how this works. Come up with the most clever, intriguing or otherwise insightful caption imaginable for the image you see above, and post it down there in the comments section. Be sure to include your email address in the appropriate field — we won't publish it, but we'll need it in order to contact our winner. We've got a full 10 days before this one goes down, so you've got plenty of time to think up something brilliant. We'll contact our winner late next week. All right, everyone ready? Go!

Update: We have our winner! Thanks for playing.

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