Third Man Records to Release Posthumous RockFire Funk Express 7-Inch and Rare Underwear Heads EP



Rock star renaissance man Jack White is good at great many things. Using his cultural-icon currency and extending his coattails to give lesser-known artists of note — from up-and-coming locals to tragically under-exposed underground legends — is definitely among the rockin’ raconteur’s multifarious skill set, as most recently exhibited by Third Man Records' Document Records and Sun Records reissues series.

Now, in keeping with that tradition of musical resurrection, and with reverence for J-Dub’s other hometown of Detroit, TMR today announced a pair of oft-unsung Motor City-centric Nugget-errific archival releases.

The first is the lone, posthumous, heretofore-unreleased 1973 two-song 45 by Detroit proto-funk-punkers RockFire Funk Express, the band that would later become Detroit’s Death, which a post on TMR’s official site aptly describes as “a cause-celebre in the punk community as early progenitors of the style.” Indeed. Learn more about Death (and by extension, Life) by watching this trailer for a documentary about the band.

The RockFire A-side is called “People Save the World.” Give it a listen below.

And while you’re at it, check out the track for the second LP in this self-proclaimed “Detroit double down” — a reissue of the the uber-rare, long-sought-after-by-dusty-fingered dorks 1983 Tangmania EP, by quirky, drum-machine-driven Motor City post-punk troupe The Underwear Heads, who, according to announcement, were a musical urban legend, a myth spurned by a manufacturing error that led to the distribution of bounty of record-less record sleeves. Great geek-out fodder! Fun stuff!

Third Man collectors can get their Underwear Heads tri-colors when they go on sale Wednesday, May 29, at TMR’s Nashville HQ. While the RockFire release will first be made available at Royal Oak, Michigan’s UHF Records on June 8, in anticipation of Death’s appearance at the Detroit-bound, Metallica-curated Orion Festival.

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