The Week in Fresh Tracks [Hellbender, The Joy of Painting, Tower Defense, Los Colognes, German Error Message, More]



Let's jump right into some fresh tracks, shall we? For starters, you may already know that Memphis outfit The Oblivians recorded their forthcoming Desperation here in Nashville at Dan Auerbach's Easy Eye, but did you know they debuted a song called "I'll Be Gone" last month via Rolling Stone? We didn't, but Nashville's Dead happened to catch it for us. Also, you saw Bad Cop's brand-new video for "Light On" from their forthcoming Light On EP, but perhaps you didn't know that you can also stream or download the tune for free via Soundcloud. And then there's the Ultras S/C track to accompany their new video. Also, you can still stream The Features' latest — which we deemed to be characteristically great — via Paste. Now, follow me below to hear: metal-rooted psychedelic rock from Hellbender; DIY pop-rock from The Joy of Painting; ballsy, angular indie rock from Tower Defense; breezy, jammy groovin' from Los Colognes; and thoughtful indie folk from German Error Message. As always, look back at past weeks in fresh tracks here, and if you've got something for us, email cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Hellbender, Second Sight

Middle Tennessean psych-metal wizards Hellbender will release their Second Sight LP and embark on tour June 6, but that doesn't mean we can't already dive in. Sight consists of of extended, mid-tempo, groove-centric instrumental jams that alternate between dreamy sonic landscapes rife with Eastern-sounding lead parts and heavy, sludgy blasts of distortion. You can catch Hellbender May 31 at The Owl Farm, celebrating their release June 6 at The Groove, or July 6 at Springwater. Stream all of Second Sight above or via the 'Bender's Bandcamp page, or download the whole thing for free at their website.

The Joy of Painting, Tender Age

Last month, garage-poppin' indie rockers The Joy of Painting released their single "Donchu Wanna," and I called it "an urgent and upbeat two-minute blast of youthful power-pop." Well, the boys have debuted the other six songs from their Tender Age, and you can hear those above. It's all lithe vocal melodies, blooping synthesizer bits and tight little pop arrangements — nothing clocks in at over three-and-a-half minutes, and its slowest-cruising bit is the Keane- or Travis-esque ballad "Ghost." Stream Tender Age above or at The Joy of Painting's Soundcloud page, and catch their Grimey's in-store on June 8.

Tower Defense, "The Lottery"

If you aren't hip to dual-bass-wielding, husband-and-wife-featuring indie-rock wrecking crew Tower Defense, it's time for a dose of catch-up. T.D. is working on an LP at Battle Tapes with Alicia Bognanno (of Bully), and they have a little sample by the name of "The Lottery" for us. The tune was mixed by frontman Mike Shepherd's Apollo Up! bandmate Jay Phillips, and it features just the sort of urgent, nervy, punky indie rock that AU! fans will appreciate. You know, Fugazing, Gang of Fouring type action, and pretty damn catchy. Stream the rough of "The Lottery" above or at Tower Defense's Soundcloud page.

Los Colognes, "99 Ways"

Very recently, we came to know local jam-ericana troupe Los Colognes by way of their "Working Together" single. Well, the Colognes will release their debut LP, also titled Working Together, on May 28, and they've unveiled another track via Electric Western Records' Bandcamp page. It's an easy, breezy, Western jam number by the name of "99 Ways," and it's coated with funk-flavored guitars, squeaky-clean vocals, sweeping swaths of steel and lush organs. Last time we heard from Los Colognes, I described them as sounding like Wilco crossed with The Grateful Dead; I'll stand behind that. Catch their release show May 29 at The Stone Fox, hear "99 Ways" above or at Electric Western's Bandcamp page, and pre-order Working Together via the band's website.

German Error Message, The Lifting

We Own This Town recently brought this one to my attention: The Lifting is the latest from Murfreesboro's German Error Message, and WOTT compared it to the output of The Microphones. I suppose I can see that — like The Microphones, or maybe Smog or Yo La Tengo, German Error Message makes introspective, laid-back, cerebral indie folk. Also recommended for fans of fellow folk-peddling locals Lylas. It appears as though physical copies of The Lifting are sold out, but you can stream the seven-track album above or purchase it digitally ($3) via German Error Message's Bandcamp page.

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