Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [G.E.D. Soul, D.O.U.G.H., Kaby, Dee Goodz]



Watch out kids, I've gone crowd-funding ca-raaaazy! While I'm usually averse to digital spanging, it seems like this week there's a lot of good stuff that I can't just ignore like a Contributor on a Brentwood street corner. You guys heard about Trespass, the new street art gallery that's trying to open downtown, right? And you donated, right? Excellent. Now it's time to bust out those check cards again! The fine folks at G.E.D Soul Records in Murfreesboro — one of my favorite local labels, obvs, who DPR mentioned recentlyare raising money via a Kickstarter campaign to press not one, not two, but three — Tres! Trois! Drei! — albums. As a proud owner of the complete G.E.D. catalog — including the new extra-dope Sky Hi Reality Check EP — I feel pretty confident in saying that it is worth the investment. G.E.D. is offering a ton of "fabulous prizes" including test pressings, T-shirts and more, so slide them a few clams and maybe the world a funkier place. Goal is $15,000, deadline is June 24.

Now it's time for more pa-har-tay and buh-hull-shiiiit ...

* We got all sorts of acronyms up in this mudderfukker! D.O.U.G.H. is back with a new EP, D.O.U.G.H. or Die, and it's a dark, challenging record that puts a premium on thoughtful, meaningful lyrics and dynamic beats. Dough isn't afraid to take hip-hop's most damaging tropes head-on, to speak truth to power and call bullshit where he sees it.

* I know it's only May but I'm going to declare that Kaby's new video for "Cough Syrup" is going to be the funniest video of the year. There are cornfields and animated birds and Chance Warhol wears a hat that was most certainly assembled while someone was sippin' on some sizzurp. And it's a good reminder to re-listen to Kaby's Smoke & Mirror Tricks album from last year.

* It's been a minute since we've heard from Dee Goodz — he's up in NYC working on his album — but he just hit 20,000 followers on the Twitter and decided to drop this tune on us all. I suggest listening to it while watching Eric Koston skate videos.

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