Pere Ubu to Play Mercy Lounge Sept. 8



Nope, the above discussion of Pere Ubu's career trajectory and artistic intent is not an exercise in wantonly antagonizing the press — Pere Ubu leader David Thomas is giving a pretty accurate, succinct, unironic distillation of his philosophy, and it's purely incidental that he doesn't really care about your feelings or opinions. Known at the time as Crocus Behemoth (a pseudonym he also used at his local alt-weekly, called Scene, no joke), Thomas began making music with Cleveland punks Rocket From the Tombs in the early '70s, after he realized that nothing contemporary rockers like Black Oak Arkansas had to say was of any interest to him. After RFTT dissolved, Thomas formed Pere Ubu, whose groundbreaking output has continued to be a major influence despite its inability to be easily defined or categorized; their first two records, The Modern Dance and Dub Housing, are considered archetypal documents of post-punk, and despite hiatuses, solo albums and lineup changes, they've been following this path in a more or less straight line ever since.

On Sept. 8, they will pay a visit to Mercy Lounge in support of their current project. Lady from Shanghai is an examination of dance music, an autopsy of sorts of a genre that Thomas once identified as extraordinarily corporation-friendly. Any other questions? You may direct them here. Your ticket link is here.

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