Caption Contest: Gwar Ticket Giveaway! [Update]



C-u-t-t-l-e fish, and yes, he's detachable.
  • "C-u-t-t-l-e fish, and yes, he's detachable."

When interplanetary lords of shock metal Gwar rolled through Nashville one year ago, Cream contributor Sean L. Maloney had a chat with front-creature Oderus Urungus. On Monday, April 22, the Scumdogs of the Universe return to Marathon Music Works. We don't have another Urungus interview for you this time, but we do have something pretty sweet: a pair of guest-list spots awaiting the most clever bohab among us. Urungus. Among us. There's an Urungus among us. Sorry, I digress.

So, same rules as always. Come up with the most gut-busting, side-splitting caption imaginable for the image you see above, and post it down there in the comments section. Be sure to include youre email address in the appropriate field — we won't publish it, but we'll need it in order to contact our winner. We'll pick our favorite caption around noon on Monday (day of show), and contact our winner shortly thereafter. Please keep an eye on your inbox — if we don't hear back from our winner within a couple hours, we'll have to go to then next person in line. All good? Everyone ready? All right, go!

Update: We have our winner. Thanks for playing!

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