Selena Gomez to Play Bridgestone Arena Oct. 25


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I confess: My general knowledge of Selena Gomez's musical oeuvre ranks closer to George Bush’s knowledge of missions and how they get accomplished than it does Will Hunting’s understanding of calculus on the smarty-pants spectrum. What I do know about the Radio Disney-ruling pop princess and Britney to Bieber’s Justin (if only there was such a thing) in the Hall of Former Teen Idols' Flames Department is that she stuck her neck (and other body parts) out by appearing in local, internationally renowned filmmaker/provocateur Harmony Korine’s recent relative smash Spring Breakers. So, given what I know, can I realistically presume Gomez will stay the course and collaborate with Jandek and R. Stevie Moore on her next record?

Another thing I know (two other things, actually), or at least gather from a press release announcing the multi-talented, multi-platinum musician/actor-turned-art-house interloper’s Oct. 25 appearance at Bridgestone Arena, is that her fans probably don’t buy vinyl and probably also don’t indulge in Willie Nelson and Snoop Lion’s favorite mood- and memory-altering pastime, as tickets for the show — which probably won’t be a stripped-down acoustic affair — go on sale Saturday April 20, here. They cost $30.50-$66, which is more than worth it to see Jandek and R. Stevie Moore.


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