Doin' Good, Feelin' Good Dispatch: The Protomen Auction off Their Old Shit and Give Some of the Money to Charity



Monday was Presidents' Day — a special time of year honoring one or more righteous dudes (depending on where you live) who've led our fine nation through some of the toughest times in its history. It's also a time for some pretty lame sales, unless linens and towels are your thing. Via Monday night's newsletter, consider your day saved by The Protomen and their "The Protomen Auction off Their Old Shit and Give Some of the Money to Charity" event! If you're a fan of the group and their nerdgasmic, video-game-based brand of rock theater, here's your chance to get your hands on some one-of-a-kind memorabilia and support some good causes in the process.

Some of the swag is functional, like this tricked-out guitar, some of it merely stylish, like the original head from their 40-inch bass drum. A few items bridge both categories, like Raul Panther III's very own Flash T-shirt, complete with a set of aviator shades. No locks of limited-edition hair this time.

The Protomen make no bones about a hunk of the cash going to replace old gear and shore up the battle cruiser, but at least 25 percent of the proceeds will be split between the American Brain Tumor Association and Child's Play, a non-profit that works with children's hospitals to bring some much-needed fun and games to the patients. If this news gets the dead presidents a-smoldering in your pocket, you'll want to get your bid on soon: Most of the bids are already trickling into the triple digits.

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