Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Ben Todd]



Hey folks, we're keeping this week's P&B brief — unfortunately we had to step out of the office this afternoon to pay our respects to the memory of blogger/bassist/promoter/champion of all that's, good, right and true in music, Ben Todd. While he didn't work within the genre that is this column's purview, I think the work that Todd did in his terribly truncated life can serve as a good example for the hip-hop community.

Todd was one of the city's best, most successful underground promoters — he helped make our punk underground a national force — and he made it all happen through good will, positive vibes and a selfless love of the music, which is rare in a town with so much rampant, unchecked ego. He was able to galvanize a community by creatively circumventing the barriers the industry places in front of the young and eager, he was able to grow that community through constant hard work and devotion. He was an incredible promoter and booster, a man that had world-class hustle, but you would have never known it from talking to him, because he was simply too nice a dude. Our relationship wasn't much more than "I went to some of his parties, he went to some of mine," but he was always friendly, always a pleasure to talk to, never pushy, never scrounging for coverage or attention. He was a sterling example of success built solely on an unwavering love for the music and the possibilities that it held. Todd's passing has left a gaping chasm in the local music community, and I hope that his life can serve as guide for other folks, regardless of what genre they work in — good vibes and love for the art form will always bring highest rewards. And while you're at it, pour out a little liquor.

We'll resume our regularly scheduled partying and bullshitting next week.

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