Matt Moody's 'Slash Across America' [Fresh Vid]


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Who knew local producer/engineer/Battle Tapes honcho Jeremy Ferguson was such a gifted thespian! In Matt Moody's brand-new video for the tune "Slash Across America" (see it above), Ferguson portrays a rampaging-killer version of the hirsute and gangly Mr. Moody, bringing the curtain down on various East Nashville denizens. A brief but entertaining watch, for sure.

"Slash Across America" — a characteristically melodious indie-rock/psych-pop number — is from Moody's forthcoming full-length, When I Get to the Fence. On Thursday, Feb. 21, Moody and his wife Mandy Peitz-Moody will celebrate a joint release (they've been known to do this sort of thing) at The Building in East Nashville. Moody will release his LP, Pietz-Moody will release a book. I'm sure we'll have more on that in the coming week or two, but for now, go ahead and get a kick out of that video up there.


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