Mikky Ekko on Pitchfork.tv; Shane Tutmarc Covers Lana Del Rey; Fresh Quichenight Vid [Vidsy Bits]



* Perpetually on-his-grind songwriter and performer Mikky Ekko — who's been known to collaborate with big shots including Clams Casino and Rihanna — was recently featured in the above Yours Truly-produced profile that ran via Pitchfork.tv. In addition to an in-studio performance of "Pull Me Down" (which happens to be the aforementioned Clams Casino collab), the video features Ekko talking about perfectionism, living and loving in Nashville, doing what you love, and not knowing how to do anything other than what you love. It's actually a rather poignant and well-framed portrait of the artist as a young man. Godspeed, Mikky.

* Local performer Shane Tutmarc recently covered Lana Del Rey's "Ride," and (his brother?) Brandon Tutmarc set it to home-movie footage of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, JFK and some others. It's a rad little bit of Americana-stalgia, and to be perfectly honest, I vastly prefer Tutmarc's version of "Ride" over Del Rey's — it's a gauzy, dreamy take on a tune that, in Tutmarc's hands, has a pleasant and memorable melody. Have a look at that after the jump.

* And finally, good old Brett Rosenberg and his lo-fi power-poppin' Quichenight have a brand-new video for the song "Shores of Lake Champlain" from the recently released Quichenight III. The video is a simple, DIY, cat- and weed-featuring bit of in-bedroom doing that's as breezy and carefree as Rosenberg's Tascam-recorded tunes themselves. You can of course purchase or stream all of Quichenight III via Bandcamp, and the Quiche will play at The High Watt Tuesday, Feb. 12, along with Tetsuo and T.Rust. See the "Shores" vid after the jump.

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