Party & Bullsh*t: This Week in Nashville Hip-Hop [Out of Office Reply]



Hey folks, I'm out of the office. Like, even more so than usual. So watch the above video of Workforce Rebellion's Bryan Deese painting a mural for TPAC in 5 Points, listen to this new Jota Ese mix, and go to this Dee Goodz show at the Exit/In:

Our main man Dee Goodz hasn’t been around much lately, and his presence on the live scene is sorely missed. But who can blame him? He’s been in New York working on The Higher EP with producer The Kickdrums, flippin’ the script on the whole rap sound. The Higher is a swirling blend of backpacker breakbeats, fuzz guitars and swirling synths, liberally sprinkled with psychedelic vocals and progressive grooves that smack you right upside the wigdome. The Higher exists in a category somewhere between indie hip-hop and EDM, inhabiting a space that is entirely modern and free from the “let’s keep doing the same old shit” ethos that has plagued many a local MC. And we’re not the only ones who have noticed it — Goodz has been racking up daps from Complex and XXL recently. —SEAN L. MALONEY

If there are any other questions, please consult this pre-recorded statement. If there is an emergency, please reach out to my assistant. And if you're bored and just want to watch some classic rap videos, they're after the jump. Peace, I'm out.

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