Natalie Prass Performs 'Plunder' and Talks About Her Past as a LARPer With Nashville Time Machine [Fresh Vids]



Virginia Beach native, Nashville transplant and notably gifted singer-songwriter Natalie Prass has clearly become something of a local-media darling lately. She popped up in our annual Rock 'n' Roll Poll a handful of times, and she's also on the cover of a recent Native issue. Well, add to the Prass-pocalyptic media onslaught her recently posted Nashville Time Machine session.

Nashville Time Machine is a brand-new site that, in their words, "partners one-of-a-kind performances recorded through a late 1940s era tape machine [Magnecord] with revealing, truly compelling stories from the artists we love." They've unveiled their series with a solo acoustic performance of Prass' gorgeously tuneful "Plunder," which you can watch above. Also, follow after the jump to see a video of Prass discussing her past as a very serious live-action role play (or LARP) enthusiast (or hear the audio-only version of her story here). The self-proclaimed "Queen of LARPing" is absolutely not kidding around, noting that she attended role-play camps and that her favorite game was "a werewolf-vampire game." Is Ms. Prass trying to be hounded by fleets of LARP-obsessed Dorkensteins? Because she just might find herself the unofficial regional face of role playing when all this is through. See some visual proof of Prass' LARPy past here, here and here.

Prass will perform with Floating Action and Bryan Cates this Wednesday, Jan. 9, at The Stone Fox [FB event page].

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