Sara Beth Geoghegan's 'Worst New Year's Ever' [Fresh Vid]


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Local songstress Sara Beth Geoghegan (pronounced "go-HEE-gan, though she understandably also answers to "Sara Beth Go") has a knack for the approachably cute delivery, no? There was her "Dream" duet with The Nobility's Sean Williams, and then her carefully choreographed video for "Kids in the City." Well, she's at it again, on this occasion releasing a perfectly timed video (watch above) for her sadly sweet, sweetly sad, aw-shucksy baroque-pop heartstring-tugger "Worst New Year's Ever." Nothing says "I'm bummed as hell but I guess I have a sense of humor about it or whatever" like pulling sad faces while party-time festivities swirl in slow motion all around you. "New Year's" will be featured on Geoghegan's forthcoming effort Wish It Had, slated for release on March 12. By the way, has SBG ever played a show with fellow proficient cutesy-popsters Poly? No? She probably should. That bill would make sense.


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