Photo Ops' 'It Makes Me Cry' [Fresh Vid]



Former Oblio frontman Terry Price has gone solo. Recording under the moniker Photo Ops, on his debut LP, How To Say Goodbye, Price deals with the 2011 death of his father, his struggle with Bell’s Palsy and the breakup of his old band. This according to Interview Magazine, which profiled Price and premiered Photo Ops’ video for “It Makes Me Cry” last week. You can check out the "It Makes Me Cry" vid above.

As you’ll hear, the bouncy dream-pop gem isn’t exactly as weepy as its title might suggest. And as you’ll see, the spotlight- and sunlight-saturated clip features the singer lounging pensively shirtless (or shirtlessly pensive) in bed, running like Forrest Gump through the streets of suburban East Nashville, doing dishes, sweeping floors and showing off his one-man-band-style versatility as a multi-instrumentalist.

How to Say Goodbye drops Feb. 26.

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