The Week in Fresh Tracks [Western Medication, Jeffery Drag Records, Leagues, Frank the Fuck Out, More]



It's already been a pretty strong week for fresh tracks, what with debuts from William Tyler and Caitlin Rose. Also, Diarrhea Planet finally got a Bandcamp page and uploaded some of their old tunes there, so if that's something you're into — though not everybody is — then dive in and get your pop-punk on. If you follow me below, you'll find some furious punk rock from Western Medication, a whole flock of rock 'n' roll jams from Jeffery Drag Records, pop rock from Leagues and a taste of live hardcore punk from the fabulously monikered Frank the Fuck Out. As always, feel free to peruse past weeks in fresh tracks here, and if you've got any new action for us, drop a line to cream[at]nashvillescene[dot]com.

Western Medication, "Big City"

Local rock 'n' roll outfit Western Medication is a brand-new baby of a band that features a couple members of Bad Cop and Useless Eaters, and they'll release their debut EP The Painted World Jan. 29 via Jeffery Drag. But for now, they've unveiled a little preview taste over at SpinSpin appears to be fans, actually, as they also included a Western Med tune on their recent CMJ 2012 mixtape. Described by Spin as "58 seconds of upbeat, jangling shred," "Big City" is a mean, jarring little blast of garage punk that's certainly reminiscent of the Eaters and Bad Cop, not to mention fellow locals like Turbo Fruits. Go ahead and stream that above or via Soundcloud.

Jeffery Drag Records' Winter Mixtape

Well, speaking of both Jeffery Drag and Spin, the local label just debuted their winter mixtape at the mag's site. There's a slew of new and unreleased music in there, from the titular song from Western Med's The Painted World to a demo version of PUJOL's "Psychic Pain" and loads more. We're talking Bad Cop, Natural Child, Useless Eaters, Promised Land, Majestico and more. Who's down for an eclectic barrage of psychedelic, unapologetic, tuneful ripping? The mixtape is absolutely worth your time, and you can stream it above or download the whole thing for free via J-Drag's Bandcamp page. Get on it, for real.

Leagues, "Spotlight" and "Magic"

As we mentioned last month, Nashville trio Leagues will release their debut LP You Belong Here Jan. 29 via Bufalotone Records. Well, NPR caught wind of the outfit's slick, ambitious pop rock and featured them as their "Next" artist on a recent episode of World Cafe. No embed option, but here's the pop-out link to listen to Leagues' "Spotlight" and "Magic" — a pair of post-U2, post-punky, rafter-reaching radio-rock numbers you just might get a kick out of.

Frank the Fuck Out, "Death Ray"

Local hardcore-punk outfit Frank the Fuck Out isn't broken up. As a matter of fact, they'll soon be releasing a live album, and while they posted a free taste of it on Facebook, the Mediafire link appears to be nonfunctional. Lucky for us, contributor Lance Conzett is a fan and a quick-mover. Conzett sent along the track, "Death Ray," which you can hear above. It's a brutal, rapid-fire, unforgiving blast of noise — very sonically appropriate for a tune called "Death Ray," no? Get a hold of that MP3 via the link above, and see FTFO along with Tristen, Diarrhea Planet, Evan P. Donohue and Promised Land at The End on New Year's Eve.

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