William Tyler's Impossible Truth Due March 19 via Merge; Hear 'Cadillac Desert' [Fresh Track]



When I happened to get myself into a conversation with virtuosic local guitar-slinger, recent Merge Records signee and Stone Fox co-proprietor William Tyler this past weekend, the topic of song craft came up (surprise). I was blathering on about the difficulties of writing and recording your own material and delivering a passable vocal take when you're blessed, as I am, with a definitively not-good voice. Tyler's casual and almost comically understated response was that, hey, there's always instrumental music. And how.

On March 19, Merge will release Impossible Truth, Tyler's follow-up to the excellent 2010 effort Behold the Spirit. As reported by Spin — who compared Tyler's music to everything from John Fahey, James Blackshaw and Michael Chapman to Beach House and even Grouper — the guitarist "was reading two books about Southern California, Barney Hoskyns' Hotel California and Mike Davis' The Ecology of Fear," when he made the record. Truth is Tyler's "'70s singer-songwriter record," says Willy T. in a release. "It just doesn't have any words."

Tyler is of course known for, among other things, his work with Lambchop, and Impossible Truth was recorded and mixed with 'Chop producer Mark Nevers here in Nashville. Fellow noted Music City denizens Scott Martin, Chris Scruggs, Luke Schneider and Roy Agee guest on the record, and the cover art — which you can see over there on the left — was designed by Sam Smith. See the full Impossible Truth track listing after the jump, and hear the characteristically expansive and gorgeous six-and-a-half-minute "Cadillac Desert" below. Be forewarned: It's the sort of dreamy, cinematic track that might make you want to ride a horse slowly through a mountain pass while smoking a cigarillo.

Impossible Truth track listing:

1. Country of Illusion
2. The Geography of Nowhere
3. Cadillac Desert
4. We Can’t Go Home Again
5. A Portrait of Sarah
6. Hotel Catatonia
7. The Last Residents of Westfall
8. The World Set Free

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