Natural Child, Thunderbitch, Fly Golden Eagle, James Wallace and Promised Land To Play Dec. 15 at Ghot Wingz




From the Department of Wait, Where? Oh Really? Awesome! comes an announcement for what may indeed be the most intriguing show going down this weekend. Brilliantly monikered East Side wing joint Ghot Wingz — once labeled "pretty damn good" by Scene photog and hot-chicken aficionado Eric England — will host a show this Saturday, Dec. 15, featuring five of the (g)hottest local outfits going right about now: There's Promised Land*, who has an excellent and freshly released EP; Natural Child, whose For the Love of the Game recently landed at No. 3 on our Best Local Albums of 2012 critics' poll; Fly Golden Eagle, whose psychedelic dance pop we've lauded for a long-ass time; Thunderbitch, the brand-new outfit featuring members of FGE and Clear Plastic Masks along with Brittany Howard of the recently Grammy-nominated Alabama Shakes; and James Wallace and the Naked Light, of whom contributor Lance Conzett once said, "Wallace's orchestral folk-pop hymns are understated, yet distinctly charming in a way that recalls singer-songwriters like Paul Simon." Word is a 10 spot will grant you access to as much golden nectar as you can wrap your filthy face around — there will be five kegs.

So, in short: five very interesting bands, five very full kegs, one seemingly unlikely but perfectly rad location. If you're like me, you'll probably stop in after you hit The Stone Fox's Holiday Market for a few hours during the day. As a matter of fact, isn't Promised Land supposed to play that show too? Spread it around, boys, make it count.

And now, because I can, follow me after the jizz-ump to hear tunes from every single one of the aforementioned bands.

* Promised Land isn't listed on the above flyer, but they said it on Facebook, so it must be true.

Update: The Promised Land boys will be playing at Ghot Wingz, but not at the Holiday Market.

Promised Land, Stoned Eagle

Natural Child, For the Love of the Game

Thunderbitch, "My Baby Is My Guitar"

Fly Golden Eagle, Swagger

James Wallace and the Naked Light, More Strange News From Another Star

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