Mikky Ekko Co-Writes, Guests on Rihanna Track; Iggy Pop Co-Writes, Guests on Ke$ha Track [Collab-y Bits]


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* When he's not releasing his own ultra-psychedelic music videos, Nashvillian singer-songwriter Mikky Ekko is also apparently co-writing and contributing vocals on blockbuster pop songs. Superstar Rihanna released her Unapologetic last week, and among the album's 14 tracks is the Ekko-co-penned tearjerker ballad "Stay." While Ekko didn't show up for Rihanna's SNL performance of the song, the track has hit the Web and is making its rounds, so give that a listen above.

* We all know the buzz surrounding Ke$ha's forthcoming album Warrior — Wayne Coyne is all up on it, for starters — which will be out this Friday, Nov. 30. But did you know that fucking Iggy Pop is on it? Mr. James Osterberg Jr. co-wrote and performed on a Ke#ha track called "Dirty Love," and that is now on the Internet. It's a song about sexing (though not necessarily sexing ghosts, necessarily), in which the legendary proto-punker barks, "Cockroaches do it in garbage cans / Rug merchants do it Afghanistan / Santorum do it in a V-neck sweater / Pornos produce it, but a wild child can do it better." So ... cool. Curl up with your copy of Ke%ha's My Crazy Beautiful Life and click here (or follow me below) to hear the song about intercourse she wrote with a 65-year-old.


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