The 10 Best Quotes From Ke$ha's My Crazy Beautiful Life



Ke$ha's new memoir, My Crazy Beautiful Life, is out today. We at the Cream have a copy and can tell you with great confidence and accuracy that it has many photographs of Ke$ha, accompanied by many words Ke$ha wrote about what it's like to be Ke$ha. Among the many topics addressed: working with Dr. Luke, getting banned from Exit/In, swimming with whales, partying and being crazy (like an animal) while also overcoming fears and doubts (like a warrior) and the sociopersonal currency of glitter.

Would this book make the perfect gift for a person in your life who loves and is obsessed with all things Ke$ha? We believe so. (You could even wrap it in this!) If we hear about an author event at Parnassus, we'll let you know.

In the meantime, here are the 10 best quotes from the book, in order and without context:

10. "I licked the salt off my hand, took my last tequila shot, and then it hit me: I'm putting a dollar sign in my name." (p. 21)

9. "But how were we going to stabilize the shark on my face?" (p. 110)

8. "I yelled, 'Cauliflower!' as I hurled a raw piece of it as hard as I could in my dancer's direction." (p. 121)

7. "Yeah, I broke into Prince's house to drop off one of my CDs, but I also hunted down dozens of other people I respected." (p. 18)

6. "On one song we worked on for Warrior, my mom suggested a line about sexual exploits with the Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie." (p. 151)

5. "My favorite place that I have found glitter is inside of an old band member's dreadlock, which we cut off and hung from a ceiling tile in Amsterdam on Thanksgiving." (p. 38)

4. "I have no idea how we ever get anything done because it seems as if all we do is talk about vintage T-shirts and boners." (p. 148)

3. "My mom wore the penis costume that I always carry around with me during the tour." (p. 68)

2. "We wrote another badass song, inspired by my car, called simply 'Gold Trans Am.' It's a metaphor for my hoo-ha." (p. 158)

1. "The Galápagos seemed like a place trapped in prehistoric time, and y'all know I love that shit." (p. 129)

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