Scale Model's 'Airstream in Space' [Fresh Vid]


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Electro-rockin' synth-popsters Scale Model, who released their eponymous debut EP back in August, have unveiled their first official music video. It's for the tune "Airstream in Space," and — much to the delight of the Internet — it features a smattering of things Web-nauts will love: stop-motion animation, a curious interstellar kitty cat and psychedelic deep-space visions. The vid was directed by Mandy Stoller, and you can watch it above. Stream all of Scale Model's Scale Model below, or download it for any price you like over at SM's Bandcamp page.

Full disclosure: Scene/Cream shutterbug Steve Cross — who loves music and science — drums for Scale Model. But we won't hold that against them. Rim shot, et cetera!


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