JEFF the Brotherhood (Feat. Jerry Vivino on Flute) Performs 'Staring at the Wall' on Conan



As hometown psychedelic siblings JEFF the Brotherhood have made their rounds on the late-night circuit, they've offered some rather noteworthy flourishes at each stop. On Fallon, their pal David ate a sandwich. And on Letterman, we saw a five-piece incarnation of JEFF with frontman Jake Orrall donning a quite lovely dress. Last night, the brothers Orrall performed on Conan, and while yes, they did indeed incorporate some flute flourishes courtesy of Conan house-band member Jerry Vivino, I posit that this is the best and most true-to-form televised JEFF the Brotherhood performance yet.

As you'll see above, JEFF provides a killer (to steal Conan's word) rendition of "Staring at the Wall" from this year's Dan Auerbach-produced Hypnotic Nights. Nobody's masticating onstage, and nobody's wardrobe was provided by the Dress Barn, but Jake does in fact shred so hard that he loses his knit deer-having-sex hat. It's a streamlined, muscular and far-out performance, and just the sort of thing we've long known JEFF for around these parts. Congrats once again to the boys. Now, when's the Leno appearance?

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