Uncle Skeleton's 'Dot' [Fresh Vid]


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Back in May, electro-pop maestro Ross Wariner and his Uncle Skeleton released All Too Human, an ambitious, 26-track long-player that contributor Lance Conzett described as sounding "like someone flipping through radio stations in a future where pop music has melted into a crazy mess of genres." (Nailed it, Lance.) Well, it's mid-November now, and that means we're right in the middle of Best Albums of 2012 voting season — the perfect time to release a music video and remind everyone how epic and well-executed your springtime-released LP is. Am I right? Critics? Nudge nudge?

Look above to see Uncle Skeleton's brand-new, Ken Tsui-directed video for "Dot." Seldom do I come across telephonic waiting music quite as agreeable as an Uncle Skeleton cut, but therein lies the charm. Also, what kind of day gig does the young lady in the video have? I don't know of many twentysomethings with landline phones, deluxe apartments, camera equipment and such a sizable book collection. Anyway, for good measure, stream all of All Too Human below, or purchase it over at Unkie Skellz' Bandcamp page.


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