The xx To Play the Ryman Jan. 31



Who here likes limey, brooding, verby, electro-poppy indie rock? And the crowd goes ... pale! Good news for cool kids who were uncool kids in high school: English trio The xx is currently touring in support of this year's Coexist *, and on Thursday, Jan. 31, they'll play the Mother Church. Tickets go on sale right here this Friday, Nov. 2, at 10 a.m.

I've seen The xx before. I found them hopelessly boring and referred to them as "the sort of music you want to put on when you realize you've just run out of cocaine." But you know what? That's precisely the sort of chilled-out, shoegaze- and trip-hop-informed grooving plenty of folks cherish. Have at it!

* That album title make anyone else think of those silly bumper stickers?

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