Look! Images of Replicated Bluebird Cafe From the Set of ABC's Nashville



Pepsi Challenge style
  • Pepsi Challenge style

"It’s like we’re in Wayne’s basement, only that’s not Wayne’s basement."

If memory serves, 20 years ago that’s what fictional character Garth Algar said upon seeing the fictional Wayne’s World set replicated in a fictional television studio for the fictional first time. If Algar was a present-day aspiring singer-songwriter living in Nashville and an actual, real person, he might make a similar statement upon seeing the images above and after the jump. I’m talkin’ images of the replicated Bluebird Cafe, exterior and interior, that production peeps working on the upcoming ABC series Nashville built on a secretly located local sound stage. Feast your eyes on 'em, motherfuckers. (Images, except for half of the one above, courtesy of ABC.)



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