JEFF the Brotherhood Performs 'Sixpack' on Letterman



It's been nearly two months since we first heard that local psychedelic siblings and Scene coverboys JEFF the Brotherhood would soon make their Letterman debut. And voila! On the very same day that their Hypnotic Nights dropped via Warner Bros.-slash-Infinity Cat, the Brothers Orrall hit the Ed Sullivan Theater to perform "Sixpack" — a tune I'm sure you've all been repeatedly watching the summer vibes-riddled music video for.

That sibling symmetry you may notice going on in the background is thanks to sisters Lindsay and Alexis Powell of Festival (you may also know Lindsay from Cake Bake Betty, Ga'an and Fielded), who also happened to play with the Orralls in Skyblazer — Skyblazer, by the way, will reunite on Friday at Exit/In for the first of this weekend's two Infinity Cat birthday shows. (Infinity Cat history lesson!) And the cat playing the Tele? That's David Steine, last seen performing on Fallon as JEFF's official Sandwich-Eating Dude — quite a promotion. Anyway, enough jabber. Let's all gather 'round the warm, glowing, warming glow of our laptops and desktops to watch Paul Shaffer call JEFF the "greatest" and — best part! — Dave ask Jake if he got his psychedelic smock at Dress Barn.

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