The Black Keys Filmed Music Video, Played Secret Show Last Night at Springwater



Photo via Jonathon Kingsburys Instagram account
Well, it was just about the worst kept secret in town yesterday. If you had your eye on The Black Keys' various tweets — which started out vague, got less vague, and then turned completely not vague at all — you know that last night at Springwater, the adopted Nashvillians filmed a video for the tune "Little Black Submarines" from last year's El Camino. While Creamster Adam Gold reported a little something about it for Rolling Stone, the Cream spoke with local photographer/videographer/pal-about-town Jonathon Kingsbury, who was one of the precious few to make it inside for the actual shoot.

Kingsbury estimates that — while "50 to 55 people," all of whom had waited in line outside the club since mid-afternoon — were allowed entry around 7 p.m., "probably about 300 or 350" folks in total showed up. Kingsbury arrived at roughly 4 p.m., and after several hours of "line jockeying," overhearing the Keys sound-checking with "Submarines" and security dudes making sure no one was drinking outside (punishable by ejection!), an initial batch of 25 people were permitted. Those 25 were positioned by director Danny Clinch before the rest of the final 50 were permitted. The crowd was told that use of cameras, phones and camera phones was not permitted (punishable by ejection!) and that certain tape lines were not to be crossed (punishable by ... you get the point; in fact, security personnel said they could eject folks for any or no reason at all). There was a cash bar, "camera guys running around" and a roughly hour-long set that included latter-day Keys tunes like "Howlin' for You," "Next Girl," "Tighten Up" and, of course, "Little Black Submarines" (once at the beginning, once at the end and once mid-set). Dozens of folks reportedly hung around outside, where the Keys' tunes — issuing from a PA that was likely the nicest one the Supper Club has seen in ... ever — were pretty audible. People were basically tailgating.

Risking punishment via ejection, Kingsbury and others snapped a few shots in and around Springwater yesterday afternoon and evening. See some after the jump.


Our source with his sought-after photo waiver — basically The Black Keys version of a Golden Ticket
  • Our source with his sought-after photo waiver — basically The Black Keys' version of a Golden Ticket

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