Our Own Adam Gold Featured in AOL Music's Signature Sounds Nashville Segment



Who's that buddy? Why, it's Scene/Cream staffer Adam Gold, talkin' shop (i.e., Nashville music) with IVJ (Internet VJ?) Allison Hagendorf and her phone in AOL Music's Signature Sounds segment on Music City. Based on this segment alone, the Signature Sounds series appears to only provide cursory glances of various cities' music scenes. Gold's bit — filmed on the Rock Block in front of Exit/In — starts at around 3:15, when Hagendorf and her precious phone seek to dip into Nashville's little-less-country, little-more-rock 'n' roll history. Gold briefly explains Jason and the Scorchers and the whole "Nashville Curse" thing, but we don't get very much of that before Hagendorf and her beloved phone have to venture off to talk to Mona's Nick Brown about how he shares bootdust with Willie Nelson — though not literally, I presume.

Also stuffed in there are bits about Nashville country becoming a "global brand" and songwriters attempting to make it at Bluebird's open-mic night — where Hagendorf and her phone flip their lids over the music of songwriter Seth Alley, who's from Sparta, Tenn. (hometown of The Features, what's up). So, as I noted, it's pretty brief and very cursory, but so are most video-tours of Nashville, right? And besides, if you want to hear Gold finish his thought, you can always approach him at the bar or come visit us in the cubicle farm. There's plenty more rawk-tawk where that came from.

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