Department of Corrections: Their Name Is Kansas Bible Company



We owe Kansas City Bible Company The Canvas Bible Company Kansas City Bible Club Kansas Bible Company an apology. While we haven't yet given this 11-piece, new-to-town, horn-drenched blue-eyed soul outfit too much ink, we have allegedly fouled up their name in listings on a few occasions. Hell, let's be honest: Once it crosses from a two- to a three-time offense, the terminology changes from "foul up" to "fuck up." (Sorry, mom. I'm obligated to use that word in this instance.) Anyhow, here's an excerpt from KBC member Michael Ruth's email to us:

As a relative newcomer to Music City and one eleventh of the Kansas Bible Company, I would love it if you all stopped printing our name wrong. Maybe I'm tweaking out in some sort of Truman Show way in thinking there is a conspiracy against us, but of the dozen or so times we've been listed in your publication, you have butchered our name more times than you've gotten it correct. ... Now that we've been offered one of the most exciting and incredible opportunities of my young life: playing at Grimey's Record Store Day bash, I ask that you could please, just this once, print our name correctly. Kansas Bible Company. I am sending this email out of my devotion to the Scene and my devotion to the music I help create.

Well damn, fair enough. In our defense, I must say a couple of things: Some searching and researching seem to indicate that we've gotten the name wrong roughly three times. Also, when music listings are entered into our system, I'm told they're copied directly from either emails or the particular venue's website. Regardless, we've messed it up more than once, and therefore we apologize. As Mr. Ruth noted — and as we told you yesterday — Kansas Bible Company will play Grimey's on Record Store Day (April 21). They also have a whole slew of other in-town shows coming up, and at the top of this post you can see KBC performing "How To Build a Planet." So let us remember. Let us never forget. Their name is Kansas Bible Company, their name is Kansas Bible Company, their name is Kansas Bible Company, their name is Kansas Bible Company, their name ...

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