GQ Calls The 5 Spot's Keep on Movin' Dance Party 'the Most Stylish Party in America'




Don't adjust your monitors: The 5 Spot's little old Monday night Keep on Movin' Dance Party — a weekly soiree I once referred to as Nashville's "Best Hipster Meat Market" — can be found gracing the pages of the April 2012 issue of GQ. A featured called "The GQ 100" (billed on the cover as "your ultimate source for the best clothes, shops, trends and smart tips on how to pull it all together") doesn't appear to be online anywhere, but in the picture you see above, you'll find that The 5 Spot's parties landed at No. 92 on the list:

And while you're down south, hit the most stylish party in America. (Sorry, Miami and L.A. — it's in Nashville.) Don't believe us? Show up at East Nashville's The 5 Spot on Mondays around midnight. The guys dress like Buddy Holly, the girls dress like Bobbie Gentry, the Black Keys mill about, and everyone sweats out the booze dancing to old-school southern soul.

Well then. And here I thought the guys looked a bit more like Buddy Lee than Buddy Holly. As far as the No. 92 spot goes, I'm not sure if that's an arbitrary placement or if Keep on Movin' officially beat out eight other things. Say ... isn't tonight a Monday night? I guess I know where everyone's going to be.

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