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Everyone loves it when a blog post starts off with a full-disclosure notice, right? Hurrah! Well, here you have it: I know quite well the one they call Sharpneck. Sharpneck is the solo project of Buddy Hughen, the co-frontman of defunct local outfit Eureka Gold and the current guitarist and fiance (that's right, you heard it here first!) of local songstress Tristen. He also happens to be what could be qualified as my "solid bro."

And as with anyone who falls into my personal "solid bro" or "solid bro-ette" column, I don't feel comfortable giving Sharpneck my professional critical appraisal. If I told you just how great I thought Sharpneck's eponymous debut EP is — especially the songs "On to You" and "Retrograde Suns" — then you might just accuse me of being biased. And that'd be a fair accusation. But wouldn't it be just as unfair to not give Sharpneck some blog love simply because I know the dude a bit?

All right, I'm running down an ethical rabbit hole here, and that's obscuring the point. The point is that the five-song Sharpneck EP is now available in full, and you can stream it below or download it for $5 via Sharpneck's Bandcamp page. Objectively speaking, you might call these five songs psychedelic rock with smart, carefully orchestrated arrangements that resemble those of modern and classic sunshine-pop, AM-pop and indie-pop artists like Harry Nilsson, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Emitt Rhodes and Richard Swift. You might say that, and you might not. Oh relax, it's Friday and it's new music. Just give it a listen, if you like.


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