Kings of Leon Buy New Nashville Rehearsal Space/Studio, Begin Writing Next LP



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According to MTV, Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill has no resonating post-Dallas-“heat-exhaustion-and-dehydration” beef with his bandmate brothers and cousin, and he's started penning songs for a forthcoming KOL album. Moreover, the regal local rockers say they’ll cobble and cut the as-yet-untitled and unrecorded LP (their sixth full-length in 10 years) at their Nashville “studio/good-time emporium” — a Music City rehearsal/studio space they recently acquired.

“[W]e're going to spend the next few months getting that up and running; kind of make it our little clubhouse to get there and just kind of goof off whenever we want to,” drummer-bro Nathan Followill tells MTV. "But, I'd say within the next six months, we'll probably start kicking some stuff around."

“Stuff” presumably meaning new material, though it’s fun to imagine that "stuff" could be code for, like, bath salts and Salvia … or something. C’mon, the mental image of the Followills kicking around a Salvia-filled hacky sack a la Weezer in the “Say It Ain’t So” video is kinda hilarious, amirite?

Here’s what Caleb had to say about the new, you know, “stuff”:

I've been writing a lot. Kinda want everyone to get a little break from each other, but whenever they're ready, I want to play some stuff … Well, lyrics, that's usually one of the last things I do, but the melodies are really strong, and the lyrics that I have written I think are pretty good, but we'll see. These guys are always a good judge of if I'm going the right way with something or not.

And in case you couldn’t tell, the interview clip up top was captured on the red carpet at the Grammys last Sunday, where it looks like Jared and Nathan were like, “Yo Caleb, we’re gonna wear matching suits,” to which Caleb was all like, “Fuck that, yo! I’m going gray!”

I kid, I kid.

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