Don't Techno for an Answer: Noise Legends Noise Nomads and Lazy Magnet to Play Dino's Tomorrow, Jan. 26



Jeff Hartford of Noise Nomads
  • Jeff Hartford of Noise Nomads
Ever wondered if there is really a “brown note” — that special tone that makes you automatically defecate? Or if there is a chord that causes involuntary orgasm? Well, I'm not sure if any of those exists, but I do know that a certain combination of tones can cause a woman to start her period, and the man who claims to have mastered this is playing in Nashville this Thursday at Dino's. Jeff Hartford lives in Northampton, Mass., and has been playing music since 1994. He plays under the name Noise Nomads, generating tones and noise with toy guitars, homemade amps, old police car doors and sheets of metal alongside hand-me-down instruments and junk gear. Thurston Moore describes Noise Nomads best: “A somber yet potentially imposing gentleman who fully embodies the sobriquet 'noise artist' as he blurs the distinction between sound and vision in his work.” Hartford's performance will also be brimming noise, a less-frequent occurrence at “noise” shows these days.

Lazy Magnet is Providence, RI's own Zappa. “The Mag” is actually Jeremy Harris, a known heartbreaker, vagabond and talented musician and songwriter, who often performs with friends or current girlfriends or even ex-girlfriends, but this Thursday, he will be performing solo. You never know what to expect from a Lazy Magnet show. He may play naked for four hours, play the harshest noise you've ever heard, or he may play the most solemn songs about love and heartbreak, or he'll play a cold-wave set or techno. Seriously, this dude has every genre covered. For his set at Dino's, he will be returning to his days of straight-up noise, in response, perhaps, to the growing number of drum machines and techno-influenced styling of noise artists. However, Harris requested that local drum-beat banshee, Unicorn Hard-On, play the show because “She killed 2011.”

Locals Hobbledeions and Unicorn Hard-On round out the evening, and Trafficker may make a special appearance. Donations will be collected for the touring bands, and the show will kick off about 10 p.m.

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