Animal Collective at Springwater in 2001 [Stale Vids]



The Springwater's streamers: Keeping it classy for ... at least 10 years.

So I went to the infamous Springwater Supper Club and Lounge on Saturday night to check out Memphians Cheap Time along with Chicago's Mannequin Men and locals D. Watusi and King Karl. (King Karl is Cy Barkley's new outfit, by the way, and it's definitely less punk rock and more melodic indie rock than most of Cy's stuff. Think Pixies and Dino Jr. rather than the usual Ramones and Misfits influence.) Anyway, Ke$ha was there, and while that doesn't have too much to do with anything — and while we know it certainly wasn't the first time Ke$ha was spotted at Springwater — it's always entertaining to see an international pop star (who has a bunch of awards from MTV and NME and Billboard and stuff) being carded in a place like Springwater.

But someone else who happened to be in attendance was former Scene/Cream intern Rodrigo Avendano (he's also the frontman for Bows and Arrows). Rodrigo told me he recently stumbled across some footage of those now-beloved indie-rock stars and elder statesmen of the Pitchfork set, Animal Collective, playing at the supper club back in June of 2001. Above you'll see what is technically a rendition of "Essplode," and after the jump you'll find footage of A.C. playing "Lablakely Dress." It's a lot of erratic playing and caterwauling from Panda Bear, Avey Tare and Geologist in a performance that some might deem difficult — or at least mildly uncomfortable — to watch. As a friend put it, "If I'd seen that show, I probably would have thought Animal Collective sucks." Anyway, hip things happen at Springwater at least once a decade. Thanks to Rodrigo for letting us know about the videos. Enjoy!(?)

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