JEFF the Brotherhood's TMR 7-Inch, PUJOL on MTV Hive, Across Tundras' Kickstarter, Soundcrawl Interview and WRVU/VTV's Wave [Newsy Bits]


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It's been a hell of a week here in the office, and some primo end-of-the-week bits have accumulated around the Webs. Hold tight, we're going to breeze through the good stuff here:

* That Jack White-produced JEFF the Brotherhood Blue Series 7-inch? The one we told you about? The one featuring "Whatever I Want" and a cover of Tiger B. Smith's "Everything I Need" that will be out Oct. 4 via Third Man? Well, that image over there will be the art for the back side of the 7-inch. Says Third Man, "100 copies of the Tri-Color versions of the single will be available for purchase at the Third Man Records Nashville location at 10am on release day."

* Add another media outlet to the list of folks who love PUJOL. (Hey, it's not like I called it 20 months ago or anything. Oh wait, I DID.) MTV Hive is diggin' on the POOJ, and they posted "Mayday" — the lead-off track from PUJOL's forthcoming Saddle Creek release, Nasty, Brutish, and Short — along with a quote from frontman Daniel Pujol about how much he loves his buddy Richard Houston.

* Local stoner-metal/hard-rock/desert-rock outfit Across Tundras wants to release their album, Sage, on 150-gram vinyl. But that shit's pricey. They've currently got a Kickstarter campaign going on, but it ain't looking too promising here in the campaign's twilight hours: Across Tundras have $695 of their $3,000 Kickstarter goal, and less than 48 hours to go. They need a miracle. Are you a miracle-worker? Pitch in!

* You know that Soundcrawl, the experimental sound art event, is going down on Sunday, right? You should. Laura wrote a pick on it. Well, local blogger, podcaster and experimental music enthusiast Tony Youngblood interviewed Soundcrawl co-founder Kyle Baker. See that at Youngblood's blog, Theatre Intangible.

* Why, have you heard? Vanderbilt's WRVU 91.1-FM moved to an online-only format. WRVU and Vandy's VTV (that's their on-campus television station) will host an event called Wave on campus tomorrow from 2-6 p.m. It will feature WRVU DJs and local artists (including Evan P. Donohue), and it will be "broadcast on VTV’s channel, over the air on WRVU’s HD channel and via WRVU’s online stream." By the way, I just went over to VTV for a second, and they were airing a talk show in which students were demonstrating how to use a condom. With two fingers raised, a gentleman said, "The fingers are a metaphor for the male penis." Great job! See more details about Wave via Inside Vandy.


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