Brian Olive, Tonight at The Basement; Hear 'Left Side Rock'



Brian Olive is a notable Rust Belt rocker whose history is tied to other notable Rust Belt rockers. Way back when, he played with former Ohioans The Greenhornes and The Soledad Brothers, and his forthcoming record, Two of Everything, was recorded and co-produced with Black Key and fellow onetime Ohioan Dan Auerbach, partially here in Nashville at Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound. (Auerbach, in fact, mentioned that Two of Everything was one of the first projects he wrapped at Easy Eye when I talked to him a couple months back.) Well, Two of Everything will be out June 7, and editor-in-chief Jim "O Captain! My Captain!" Ridley really seems to dig it. Read Ridley's pick below, and stream album-opener "Left Side Rock" — a fatly grooved, rhythm-and-blues-infused dose of psychedelic, garage-rocking prowess — below that.

Who is this guy? Some long-lost psychedelic rocker from a never-released Nuggets box? A New Orleans hepcat emerging like a hip-shaking chupacabra from a swamp of sonic voodoo? Nope — according to this here bio, Brian Olive is a former member of The Greenhornes and the Soledad Brothers gone solo, and if he’d come along about 35 years earlier we’d be listening to him now on oldies radio instead of Bob Welch or Canned Heat, or the Grateful Dead at their woozy prettiest. Think high cooing vocals and airy harmonies above bluesy, gum-smacking grooves that simmer and shimmer, augmented on phenomenal cuts like “Back Sliding Soul” by arrangements full of ear candy — underwater boogie piano, rump-rocking percussion, shrapnel blasts of rubbery guitar and greasy sax and Esquivel-like electro-doinkage (wait, is that really a bagpipe?). Olive co-produced his new album Two of Everything partly in Nashville with The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, and it sounds like a lifetime’s record collecting went into every track. Watch for him at Bonnaroo performing with the tantalizing duo of Auerbach and Dr. John.

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