Abigail Washburn's Bass Falls Apart, Nearly Arrested in Knoxville, Plays Banjo Well



Damn. Sucks, bro.

I've got to hand it to Abigail Washburn's publicist: She got my attention with this one. Rather than opening up another tired-ass press release to find a dull bio or some quotes, I discovered this subject line in my inbox: "Watch an upright bass explode during Abigail Washburn's set." I wouldn't say the bass "explodes" in the above video, per se, but it certainly does fall the hell apart.

For those unfamiliar, Washburn is a Nashville-based, old-time, bluegrass-influenced songstress — and a stellar banjo player, to boot — who has been featured on NPR and Daytrotter and in the pages of Newsweek. Apparently, however, this tour has been punctuated with bizarre gaffes, as she was also nearly arrested in Knoxville along with her band. "Apparently there had been some break-ins," reports the Metro Pulse, "and Washburn’s vagabond musicians and their van fit the profile." Then the cops thought Washburn & Co. were "magicians." Knoxville cops not being totally on the ball? Nah, couldn't be.

Anyway, since we got to have a laugh at Washburn's misfortunes, it's only fair that we post a legit vid. See Washburn performing "Nobody's Fault But Mine" via Mason Jar Music after the jump. Girl's got skills.

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