Sometime Nashvillian Jonny Corndawg Featured in Short Doc Stray Dawg



Jonny Corndawg is a vagabond. A listless nomad — a traveling minstrel, perhaps more comfortable running down the open road and playing his songs for strangers than sleeping in his own bed. I know this because, for a very brief time, Jonny "Corndawg" Fritz was my roommate ... though he spent most of that brief span working with leather or tinkering with old motorcycle parts. And he was gone as swiftly as he came, leaving behind only a Southwestern-themed quilt or two and stack of mail that continues to grow thicker every month. But yes, for a time, Jonny Corndawg was a Nashvillian.

Brooklyn-based filmmaker Sean Dunne put together the above short documentary — titled Stray Dawg — which chronicles a portion of Corndawg's tour with Dawes. During this time period, Corndawg was preparing to compete in the Surf City USA Marathon in Huntington Beach, Calif. As you'll see, the healthy neurosis that comes along with being, you know, a fit, sober, whip-smart and self-aware young man was beginning to take its toll on the ol' Dawg as he geared up for the run. "Marathons aren't fun," says Jonny. "This is a nightmare. It's such a bad idea — such a bad idea!" I don't keep up with Jonny too much these days. (Personally, anyhow.) But anytime I get the chance to hear the remarkably insightful and strikingly sweet "Keep Your Body Happy," I remember just what a fascinating individual this guy is. And by the way, if you purchased a shirt from Corndawg that's now falling apart, you can get a new one for free.

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