Hayley Williams Pics, Lady A Nicks, Jay Reatard and More: Our Top 10 Most-Viewed Bloggings of the Year [Cream of 2010]



Hey, 2010, it's been swell.

The Farro brothers took their leave from the business of misery, it took an entire work day to find out who was actually playing Bonnaroo and some people hated how we loved Big Surr, but none of those posts — much clicked-on though they were — made it into the Top 10 Cream Posts of 2010. For that, we've once again sliced open the blog guts and pulled out the most popular bloggings of the year — at least according to Google Analytics. (Speaking of which, we switched blog platforms this year, which caused a hiccup in our stats and may have messed up the final count a bit. But I'm sure most of you don't care about that.)

Were any of this year's posts good enough to be counted among the all-time greats? Only time will tell. (Here's the 2009 list, by the way, if you're interested.) Of course, we wouldn't have top Creams without readers, so thanks to everyone for stopping by. Without further adieu:

10: Road to Bonnaroo 2010: Dates and Bands Announced (Jan. 21)

The most important local band contest got important-er this year! And the people responded in kind, sometimes unkindly. As you'll recall, by the time all was said and done, The Non-Commissioned Officers won the first round (Moon Taxi were robbed!), How I Became the Bomb won the second round, Caitlin Rose won the third round and Space Capone won the final night. So those bands all played in the Troo Music Lounge at Bonnaroo. But Mona played Later ... With Jules Holland, so there is life after RTB if you've got some hustle.

9: Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Jay-Z at Bonnaroo 2010? (Jan. 21)

No Stones or Dylan, but one out of three ain't bad, right? With the festival's 10th anniversary coming up in 2011, expect the speculation to be hotter, wilder and, uh, more speculative. Radiohead? Prince? Daft Punk? A Band Jack White Is In? Send your hot, somewhat verifiable tips to cream [at] nashvillescene [dot] com, and stop using question marks in your headlines if you don't know the answer to the question.

Jay Reatard at The End, Sept. 2009
8: Memphis Punker Jay Reatard Dead at 29 (Jan. 13)

Before that Fox affiliate mistakenly reported that Memphis police had opened a homicide investigation, and before we learned he had died of "cocaine toxicity," we were just bummed to hear Jay Reatard was gone, and that his show at The End with TV Smith and JEFF the Brotherhood in July '09 was the last time we'd ever see him play.

7: Jersey Shore's DJ Pauly D at McFadden's — Tonight! (Jan. 21)

So Jersey Shore is a thing that happens, and the situation was such that DJ Pauly D came to Nashville and gave the Green Hills moms a run for their tanning money. As reported later in the pages of the Scene, Pauly smelled "alarmingly good."

6: Adam Lambert & InternAdam Respond to Adam Gold's Critic's Pick; Madness Ensues (Jul. 8)

Also known as Attack of the Glamberts Pt. Deux, prefaced by a useful, succinct and time-saving form letter, composed by our own D. Patrick Rodgers, to be completed by fans of _____ who think the Scene's critical analysis of their cherished artist sucks and want to let us know all about it in the most grammatical way possible.

5: Scandal Alert: Hayley Williams Gets N00d (NSFW) (Jun. 1)

It almost seemed like Ke$ha spent the rest of 2010 trying to top this one, which — well, you know how to use Google, so no links to "head shots" here.

4: Ten Things People Say After Your Band Plays a Show (and What They Really Mean) (Jan. 8)

A year later, people are still stumbling upon this silly-ass post about the true meanings behind those things people say about your band after you play a show. At least some of the comments are funny!

3: Will Owsley Dies (May 1)

May was the cruelest month.

2: Alan Parsons' Camp Alleges Lady Antebellum Rip-Off (Nov. 11)

The story of whether the melody in Lady A's "Need You Now" bites the melody in Allen Parsons' "Eye in the Sky" went national, hitting the front page of Yahoo! news and the website of just about every CBS-affiliated radio station in the country. As they say in the business, you heard it here first.


1: Soundcheck Nashville Is Submerged [Lost in the Flood] (May 4)

The Flood dominated headlines throughout the year, so it's not surprising that this post on the flooding of Soundcheck, home to millions of dollars of musical gear belonging to Nashville musicians of every stripe, was the most-viewed entry of 2010. We were there the day of the big load-out, too, and as the city came together, benefit shows abounded and, y'know, we were Nashville.

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