Denney and The Jets, 'Killing Machine' [Fresh Video]



Here (well, down there, actually) is a video of Denney and The Jets playing "Killing Machine" at The Basement, uploaded by Josh Shearon. This "Killing Machine" sounds nothing like How I Became the Bomb's "Killing Machine," though the intro to Spoon's "You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb" does. (Incidentally, I wonder how the "country version" of "Cherry Bomb" on that new Spoon bonus album sounds. ... )

Anyway, Denney and The Jets. I dig the song. It moves and keeps things simple, until the guitar solo where they get rather complicated, or at least rather fast. But the first thing I noticed was that this video is vertical, portrait-orientation, and for reasons neither rational or particularly well thought-out, I don't like that. It doesn't embed very reasonably on a blog like, for starters, meaning it has to go below the cut, which is fine, I guess, since that helps the page load faster and all. But can you even see the whole thing? I can't on this laptop screen.

I realize that your iPads and such can flip over and re-orient the page, so maybe these vert vids are the future, since it feels more natural to shoot video from your phone holding it the same way you usually do, even if people like me always turn the phone sideways in order to avoid making videos like this one. Anyway. Interesting difference between YouTube and Vimeo here: While YouTube will take your vertically shot video and squish it into a horizontally oriented frame — like this one — Vimeo, apparently, will just put that sucker up there like a tall glass of video and whatnot.

So why do I prefer the horizontal look? Not sure. Maybe it's because our peripheral vision extends much farther out to the sides than up and down, making the world seem more horizontal than vertical IRL? Of course, not everyone prefers the landscape view. Our Fearless Leader Jim Ridley reminded me today of Werner Herzog's great quote in Contempt, regarding Cinemascope's wide, horizontally skewed shape: "Oh, it wasn't meant for human beings. Just for snakes — and funerals."

Turns out it's pretty good for bands, though, if you want to see more than one person onstage at a time. No offense to Denney, of course.

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