None More Black Friday: Metallica to Release Live at Grimey's Nov. 26



Hey, remember that time Metallica played a secret show at The Basement and nobody told you, mostly because you're not very good at keeping secrets, and you had left for Bonnaroo already? Well, now you can re-live that moment that you never really lived in the first place but feel like you have lived because half the people you know were there and haven't stopped talking about in the two years since. The new Live at Grimey's CD and 10-inch — previously available as a fan-site down load — is being released to independent record stores on Friday, Nov. 26 — aka the most miserable time of the year, Black Friday. And while the press release sort of ignores the fact that Grimey's and The Basement aren't exactly the same business, I'm going to guess that Grimey's will be carrying it, and proudly at that. 'Tis very, very, very fucking cool.

Full release and killer track listing after the jump.

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One More For 2010!
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Live recording from Grimey's Basement show will be released November 26
Are you sick of us yet? We sure are!! However, we're here again to tell you about one more release, this one supporting our continued beating of the drums for independent record stores across the country with an exclusive EP available only through the network of approximately 700 U.S. retailers who support Record Store Day. We were honored to be part of the first ever annual event celebrating independently owned records stores, aka Record Store Day, with an in-store at Rasputin Music in Mountain View, CA on April 19, 2008 and we're very proud to be a part of another special event with our friends at independent retail.

The EP includes the nine songs we played the afternoon of June 12, 2008 in the basement at one of the coolest record stores in the nation, Grimey's in Nashville, TN, and is part of the series of "Live At Grimey's" releases. How did this show come about? In late Spring of 2008 while we were finishing up "Death Magnetic," we were also having fun playing a few shows including the Bonnaroo Festival in Manchester, TN. As fans of classic old school record stores, we knew we just had to visit Grimey's and they were kind enough to invite us to play in their "basement" club for Metallica Fan Club members and a few friends. As we always do, we recorded the show... and now it comes to you on CD and 10" vinyl in a gatefold jacket on "Black Friday," November 26.

Support your local record store... there's a complete list of stores who will be carrying "Live At Grimey's" here: The EP will also be available on and

The track-listing for "Live at Grimey's" is as follows:

No Remorse
Harvester of Sorrow
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Master of Puppets
Sad But True
Seek and Destroy

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