Kindergarten Circus Tonight and Tonight



Kindy gahten Soicus
  • Photo: Eric England
OK, so let's get back up to speed with The Kindergarten Circus. They put out one of our favorite local albums last year, The Kindergarten Circus, kicked out some Howlin' Wolf at the Cream '60s night 8 off 8th and did an all-around excellent job of endearing themselves to rock 'n' roll-loving Nashvillians of every stripe in the year 2009.

Now, like we told you, they've got a new 7-inch record of the vinyl variety out on Chicken Ranch, featuring James Leg of the Black Diamond Heavies and, more importantly, featuring one of the most ass-jamming kick-ass jams of the summer, "Twin Evils." Go listen to it. And then make plans to see the KC tonight: They're playing Grimey's at 6 p.m. for free, then at Exit/In around rock o'clock for Rock the Block hosted by Nashville's Dead (with Natural Child, Heavy Cream, So Jazzy, The Looking Glass, Spanish Candles, Cannomen, Diarrhea Planet and Funstix). That show is also free. No money, no problems.

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