Eyehategod Tonight at The Muse



For the past, oh, 50 days or so, BP has been bringing sludge to the Gulf Coast — but Eyehategod have been doing that for 20 years! OK, so in EHG's case it's not actual, environmentally disastrous, totally fucked-up Deepwater Horizon sludge but rather doomy, awesome metal sludge of the musical variety. Here's Saby Reyes-Kulkarni, from this week's Critics' Picks:

Few album titles sum up a band's sound, attitude and existence better than Eyehategod's 1992 debut In the Name of Suffering. While metal bands still try mightily to outdo each other's negativity, Eyehategod's blend of hardcore, doom and sludge epitomizes misery to an extent that few others have ever matched. Likeminded acts tend to revel in directing their violence outward, but Eyehategod frontman/lyricist Mike Williams steers the band's caterwaul in the direction of self-hatred instead. By doing so, he infuses the music with a hint of sorrow that ultimately hits harder than his posturing peers and allows his own band to strike a chord of genuine hopelessness. If it were any less convincing, Eyehategod's work might be a bummer or, worse, wear thin quickly. But in every sense, the scrappy, now-legendary New Orleans quintet with famous ties to Pantera, Down, Crowbar, etc. does unhappiness better than just about anyone else.

7 p.m. at The Muse, with Nachtmystium, Withered, Destroy Destroy Destroy, Goatwhore & Zopticon.

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