Internal Affairs: The Twilight Sad Sunday at Exit/In + 'Unbalanced Mix' Cover Story



The Twilight Sad
  • The Twilight Sad
Crack this week's glossy open, and you might stumble across Andrew Clayman's story on The Twilight Sad, "another wee Scottish band to get chuffed about." The Twilight Sad are appearing Sunday, June 6, in support of Japanese instrumental rockers Mono at Exit/In. Despite having the show listed correctly online and in our music listings section, there is a tiny, minuscule, almost negligible caption above the story that reads, "Playing Monday, 7th at Exit/In." These things happen when your music editor is out of town. Apologies. Again.

Things that also happen when your music editor is out of town: He gets his first cover story! Ever! I think. Cap'n Steve Haruch spent some time talking to and about female producers and engineers. From Gail Davies to Jonell Polansky, Haruch sought out the women in the biz — who happen to be vastly outnumbered — and he explored why the mix is, in fact, unbalanced. Good read. Check it out here.

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