Overheard at Buzzfest


Mudvayne guitar tech?
  • Mudvayne guitar tech?
As everybody in the tri-state area knows, Buzzfest is happening tonight. An anonymous riverfront interloper sent us this picture of the goings-on at the BuzzBin this morning, where roadies and stage people are working nostalgically to get set up for The Biggest Refugee Camp for the Un-hip Since Last Spring's Crawfish Boil (TM). Nothing gets going until 3 p.m., when the national anthem will kick off the grungy festivities that include the likes of Alice in Chains and Cage the Elephant. In the meantime, we were sent a few overheard quotes from crew members: "Gettin' older, still don't give a fuck." "There were only, like, four white people there. Seriously." "Wait, this is for 102.9 the buzz? Like the radio station?"

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