Wednesday Newsy Bits



Creamers, it's Wednesday, the sky is crying, and it all feels so goth today, doesn't it? And to think I used to live where the weather was like this seven months out of the year. (JK, sorta.) I'm still banged-up from Monday night's epic, but probably in better shape than that guy who passed out in his chair on the patio. Anyway.

Maybe it's a good day to check out a band called Rain Machine? It's got that dude from TV on the Radio.

Suck-ass rainy days are great for being sad and despondent, but they're also great for listening to records! And it's a good time to stock up on delicious vinyl because it's 15 percent off all used merchandise at The Groove in East Nashville today (@groovenashville). Call me if you see any Buffalo records.

Miranda Lambert went gun and bikini shoppin' yesterday (same store) and now has me really reading into her song "Dead Flowers." Hope I don't run into her in a dark restaurant.

Waves on Waves' Kevin Thornton will bring his one-man Sex, Dreams and Self Control back to Nashville August 5, 12 and 19 at Bongo After Hours Theater.

What else is going on out there, Nashville?

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