Sessions: Keegan DeWitt (Lake Fever), Pico Vs. Island Trees (Daytrotter)



You know what's in session right now? Sessions.

First up, Keegan DeWitt holds it down over at the local Web series Lake Fever Sessions with a trio of songs, not the least of which is a cover of (a particular version of) Stevie Nicks' "Wild Heart," featuring Madi Diaz. That's in the video, and you should probably check it out.

Meanwhile, not to be out-sessioned, Pico vs. Island Trees over at the venerable Daytrotter Sessions, where they have this to say about the band (just add rum!):

The music that Pico vs Island Trees gives us has that tropical feel to it, the sugar circling the rim of the glass, the cool vibes prominently littered throughout, but there is that presence of difficult times ahead - confrontations with real "disasters," where free fruit wedges, wine and cheese end and the lights come violently on at the end of the night to surprised bewilderment though everyone knows last call's already happened.

(Incidentally, I started listening to "Call Call Call" and for some unknown reason another browser tab started playing a Duracell commercial. Thought PvIT had gotten all art for art's sake-y for a second.)

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