Green Day Firesale: Tickets Only $20, One Day Only



98% of people between the ages of 18 and 30 liked (or loved) Green Day at some point during their youth, the other 2% lie. I followed the classic trajectory of being dorkishly in love with Dookie in 7th grade followed by a jump onto the bandwagon of a Billie Joe backlash that lasted for years to come only to later come around and realize that, indeed, Dookie and its predecessors were damn fine records. Also, let's face it, I wouldn't have gotten into the Sex Pistols as young as I did had I not been into Dookie--thanks Green Day! While I firmly believe that "When September Ends" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" are two of the worst songs of this, the worst decade in the history of rock, and that the American Idiot record as a whole is one of the many horrible byproducts of the Bush administration, I still think that Green Day are a viable commodity, absolved by their creative high points--that "Hitchin' a Ride" song is pretty neat, and I also like that one about minorities.

I bring this up because today and today only you can purchase tickets to the band's Jul. 31 appearance at the Sommet Center for a mere $20. I looked up the band's set list from their current tour--which you can see here--and they are playing 26 songs a night, so that's less than $1 a song, a better deal than iTunes. So if your hankering for some good ole fashioned '90s nostalgia is more than can be fulfilled by the Cream's upcoming '90s 8 off 8th (happening next Monday at Mercy Lounge) then log on to Ticketmaster and furnish yourself with some budget Green Day tickets. For those of you who only go to shows for free, fear not--you can win free tickets to the Green Day show at the '90s 8 off 8th next Monday, or you can try your luck here.

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